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Enterprise at Park View Academy

During our Enterprise Week, all children in school started up their own small business.

Children worked in Year Group teams to design their business model with one main objective in mind – MAKING A PROFIT!!

Their start up fund was only £20 per year group. Before the children were allowed to sell any of their products, they had to present their business idea to the Park View Dragons Den Team……

When product research and development had been completed, the stalls were set up, extensive marketing had taken place and with queues of eager customers lined up outside the school gates the doors to the ‘Park View Academy Market’ opened…….and what a busy day we all had!

The children and staff worked hard all day selling their products. The total start up fund paid out by school was £120. (£20 to each year group). We still have orders coming in and some payments still to be made, however, the children have managed to turn £120 into £1400. We certainly have some young Alan Sugars in Park View.

We even made it into the Educate Magazine

Have a look at how the day went:

Your Opinion Counts

Here are some of the comments left by parents/carers about our Enterprise Market:

  • I really enjoyed today. It was fun being able to work alongside my son doing craft. Fab idea to get parents involved. Looking forward to next year already!
  • It was lovely! The children put a lot of hard work and effort in. I really liked the chocolate characters.
  • Fantastic! I thought the kids did amazingly well. They had a great attitude.
  • It was a good idea. It is nice that the children made the products and sold them on the stalls.
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