Year 2

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In year 2, the children have a very enriching curriculum. The children are enthusiastic to learn about significant events from the past such as The Gunpowder Plot and Great Fire of London.
We reinforce many phonics skills in Year 2. We use the Read Write Inc Scheme. This is key to helping them move forward in their reading. Children are encouraged to read daily at home as this is vital to their learning. We have a ‘Love to read’ time each day, where the class teacher reads aloud to the children and this has a positive impact on the children’s enthusiasm to read.
In our maths lessons we cover many areas in build up to the KS1 SAT tests. For example, place value, the four operations, fractions shape and measure. Our focus this term is addition and subtraction and understanding and using money, making the same amount in various ways. Children have recently developed their knowledge of place value, growing in confidence with partitioning 2-digit numbers.
Coming up in Autumn 2 we are researching different materials and exploring how shapes can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. The children are looking forward to their upcoming Christmas performance and are all excited to start rehearsals!

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