Year 3

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In year 3, we cover a number of exciting and enriching topics. We begin our learning by going right back to Pre-historic Britain and fully immerse ourselves into the Stone Age and cave art. To support this, we will travel to an Iron Age roundhouse and learn more about how they lived and survived. Whilst studying this, we also learn all about different types of rocks, fossils and the permeability of soil. We travel to different continents of the world to look at the tremendously fascinating Ancient Egyptians. We find out about their tombs and the reasons why they mummified themselves. We finish off the year looking all at our amazing local history. We will be visiting Liverpool and exploring some of the wonderful landmarks our beautiful city has to offer.
In maths we look to build on the skills developed in KS1 and look to improve the children’s reasoning, problem solving and fluency in a number of topics. Children are exposed to dynamic five-part maths lessons which enhance their ability to look at maths in different ways and give them the tools to answer questions in the way which best suits them.
In order to support the children with their reading we complete daily ‘VIPERS’ sessions in which we look to access key age-related texts, and answer a variety of questions to better understand what we are reading. Children are encouraged to read daily at home as this is vital for their learning. We have a ‘Love to read’ time each day, where the class teacher reads aloud to the children and this has a positive impact on the children’s enthusiasm to read.
At Park View Academy we are keen to create an engaging and creative environment and try and make as many cross-curricular links as possible. At the moment Year 3 are focussing on the Stone age and Iron age in History. As a result, we are creating cave paintings in our Art lessons, in English we are producing diary recounts of our fantastic trip to an Iron age centre and in Music we have completed work on ‘The Stone Age Rock’. These links help embed key ideas through a number of different mediums and help all learners access the curriculum.

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