Year 4

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In year 4/5, we will cover a number of interesting and enriching topics.
During our reading sessions this term, we are reading the famous and fantastic novel Cogheart, written by Peter Bunzl. This story has been taking us on a thrilling and magical journey of adventure. During our daily ‘VIPERS’ lessons we have been reading pages of the book and answering a selection of comprehension styled questions, in order to support the children with their understanding of the text they are reading. Children are encouraged to read daily as this is essential for expanding their understanding of the world and helps stimulate their imagination. We also have an allocated time on a Tuesday morning, where we take the children to the school library and they can choose from a range of wonderful new books. ‘Love to read’ time has been introduced to each day, this where the class teacher reads aloud to the children a book of their choice. This is having a positive impact on the children as they are truly enjoying reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone.
In maths, the focus began with place value, exploring vocabulary and mastering our reasoning. We have recently moved onto addition and subtraction, which contains many areas (perimeter, money, distance, negative numbers etc.) We will finish the Autumn term by exploring multiplication and division through area, money and length. We have also been focusing on learning our times tables and have been challenging our inner rock stars on TT Rockstars. We will be continuing to practise our times tables everyday throughout a variety of interactive and engaging resources.
This term we will be immersing ourselves into Anglo –Saxon and Viking culture and will discover more about how they lived and survived in ancient Britain. In Design and technology, we have continued our Anglo Saxon theme and will be creating and baking our very own Anglo Saxon bread. I expect it to be delicious!
At Park View we embed our school values through each and every school day. One of our main focuses is teaching children to become resilient. Resilient learners will use their 4B’s, help their peers, set goals and will develop a positive and optimistic attitude which will enable them to overcome barriers inside and outside the classroom. Our PSHE and RE lessons will too promote the British Values of democracy, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

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