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Welcome to Year 5L, we pride ourselves in working hard and having fun at the same time. Mr Latham is our class Teacher and Mrs Ellison is our class Teaching Assistant. On this page you will find our class news and any other important information for the year.
Autumn 2019
In literacy this term we have read “Cogheart” by Peter Bunzl. This is a truly amazing book the pupil and adults alike have cherished. From the outset, the characters and the treacherous plots have taken us on a mythical journey of adventure. We linked our reading to our writing this term by learning about stories with a mythical features, and the children wrote their own myth where they focused on using expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials in the style of Bunzl himself. We have diligently unpicked language features and writer techniques and tried to use them in our own writing.
After half term we will be looking at newspaper reports, and writing our own based on Cogheart. This will give the pupils an insight into journalistic writing and give us further opportunities to introduce new grammar and punctuation learning whilst still using Cogheart as a motivational tool to drive engagement.
During our shared reading sessions, we have read “There is a boy in the girls bathroom”. In this book Louis Sachar showed his understanding and compassion for a group of boys who have fallen outside the system. TBGB focuses on one boy who has become increasingly alienated from his peers due to bad behaviour. Through the help of a school counsellor and friends Bradly begins to realise his full potential and enjoy his schooling. Without preaching the book has managed to provide great opportunities for cross-curricular link to PSHE in order for pupils to understand feelings of characters within the story, and the importance of the difference between right and wrong. Using the main character we have explored children’s worries and feelings linked PSHE, and related to them to the fears shown by the main character in the story.
In maths, one of our most exciting subjects! The focus started on place value, exploring vocabulary, mastering our reasoning and developing our investigation skills. The pupils excelled but we soon realized we needed to brush up on our times tables. We have approached this by having an exciting Timestables Rockstar themed day and subsequent battles that pupils have thrived on.
We have recently moved onto multiplication and division. Our TT Rockstar work helped out here! The children have worked diligently to improve their formal written methods for multiplication and division while taking part in many fun investigation to master their understanding. We will finish the Autumn term by exploring area, money and length.
In science, we have investigated materials and their properties; we had lots of fun carrying out various investigations around insulation and conductivity of different materials. We have explored pollution and the impact that has on ecosystems linking this to geography and the world around us. This will be followed by an old favourite Earth and Space in Spring.
In computing, we have been discussing the importance of staying safe online. After half term, we will be having some fun with coding on scratch to make a quiz, as well as spending time learning our times tables on TT Rockstars.
In RE, we have been looking at Judaism in particular the fact that Judaism is one of the world’s oldest formal religions. The children have found it fascinating learning how 2 of the world’s oldest religions: Christianity and Islam stem from Judaism and the fact the Jesus himself was a Jew. RE and history have combined succinctly during this topic as pupils studied how Britain was converted to a Christian country Anglo Saxon times.
In History, our first topic is the Anglo Saxons, we have investigated ancient artefacts, predicted about religion, food and Entertainment, researched gods and goddess of the original pagan Britains. During the Autumn second half term, we will spend some time looking at maps and the change of Britain during the Viking era.

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