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Throughout the child’s journey in Year 6, staff strive to consolidate and build upon the fundamental skills so they can progress and make them ‘secondary-ready’ with the smoothest transition s possible. The children take part in active, interesting, engaging and meaningful lessons that are sequenced so skills and new knowledge are acquired on a daily basis. Common misconceptions are addressed at the point of occurrence with feedback being individualised allowing the children to make good progression everyday.
Once these skills and knowledge are embedded, children are challenged and encouraged to apply them readily so their reasoning and explanation skills are developed purposefully: this is done across all subjects. Our classrooms are a hive of activity that will demonstrate the children are fully engaged in tasks, sharing opinions and building essential values that we hold dear at Park View Academy.
One of our main focuses is the Park View Academy of Resilience. Children are challenged through detailed, bespoke and sequential questioning that will give them the opportunity to apply skills across the curriculum – this challenge asks the children to preserve and maintain focus, stretching their thinking. They are continually encouraged and praised for showing this most-important life-skill.
The engaging curriculum has been rigorously planned so that it captures the children’s imagination and makes them passionate about their learning. There is always a link to real-life learning making it meaningful to them. Out-of-school experiences are also a key component of Year Six as they enrich the curriculum and the learning of the children
Reading is at the heart of all we teach in Year Six, Reading skills are developed daily through focused questioning of the 8 Reading domains for Key Stage 2. Quality-rich texts are used throughout the year and are heavily linked to the curriculum focus for the term. An example of this is in the first term when Year Six study War Horse and a variety of non-fiction writing based on World War One.
Most of all, we know that not all children learn the same way. We scrupulously modify our vocabulary and questioning so every child can reach their full potential and be proud of their achievements – no matter the progress. We endeavour to create eager, enthusiastic and well-mannered children who will continue to motivate themselves, show a thirst for knowledge and a desire to achieve their full potential.

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