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Eligibility for 30 hours free childcare

Please click the attached link for eligibility criteria and how to apply –

30 Hour Provision

All offers of 30 hours free entitlement are subject to confirmation of eligibility.

Understanding the dates for the 30 hour code

When you use the Early Years Provider Hub to check a code is valid there will be some dates included in the result:

  •  Validity Start Date: this is the date the parent was issued with the code by HMRC
  •  Validity End Date: this is the date the parent must reconfirm their eligibility with HMRC
  •  Grace Period End Date: this is the date up to which a child will be guaranteed a 30 hours place, even if the parent should fall out of eligibility. Grace period end dates will always be the end of term so either: 31 December; 31 March or 31 August.

Children cannot start to receive extended hours in the next term if the grace period end date is showing as the end of the current term. For example: If you check a code for a child due to start extended hours in Spring but the grace period end date is showing as 31 December  this means the parent has not yet reconfirmed their eligibility with HMRC. We cannot offer the funded extended hours in spring until parents do this, at which point the date will change.


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