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At Park View Academy we believe that pupil behaviour is a reflection of the prevailing culture in which children are educated, both at home and in school. We follow principles from the national ‘Behaviour Hub’ programme to ensure a strong, positive culture to achieve our vision for pupils.

We are an extremely inclusive school and believe good routines from a young age, along with children wanting to attend school, significantly reduce the likely hood of bad behaviours occurring.

Park View had 0% exclusions for the last 4 years. This data is significantly better than local and national data.

If all other avenues have been explored and exhausted, then suspensions and permanent exclusions will sometimes be necessary as a last resort. This is to ensure
that pupils are protected from disruption and can learn in safe, calm, and supportive environment.

Please see our behaviour here page for more information.

Please follow the link to view more information, thankyou.

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