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Behaviour and attitudes

At Park View Academy our behaviour system is built on 98% reinforcement of positive behaviours. Children are encouraged daily, to have high standards and expectations from themselves and those around them. In September 2019 we have launched our class Dojo system where children are rewarded daily for a range of positive behaviors. Children are confident in sharing the ways in which they can earn Dojo points. These points can then be spent in our very own reward shop.

Parents and carers, please remember to download the app so you can track your child’s progress daily.

The following statement has been approved by the Governors of Park View Academy.

Principles of Behaviour

We believe that good behaviour is essential to allow all our students to achieve their full potential. Good behaviour promotes effective learning; effective teaching and learning promote good behaviour. No student should be allowed to behave in a manner which adversely affects the learning opportunities of others.

We believe in a culture of inclusion, equal opportunities and respect for all members of our community and in the importance of self-discipline and self-esteem. Discrimination in any form should not be tolerated. We recognise that students with unusual emotional or behavioural needs should receive support to achieve the expected standard of behaviour.

We view as essential a system of rewards for good or improving behaviour and sanctions where standards fall below an expected level. These rewards and sanctions must be applied consistently and fairly.
The School should have an effective and easily understood behaviour policy developed by our students and their parents or carers and the staff. This policy should clearly state the code of conduct and the schedule of rewards and sanctions. We believe that individual students’ behaviour should be monitored and that their parents or carers should be kept informed.


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