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“The purpose of all religious traditions is to create temples of goodness and compassion inside our hearts.”

Dalai Lama.

At Park View Academy, we teach Religious Education with the aim that each child will

  • have a strong sense of their own identity and their journey in life
  • respect themselves and others
  • value differences as well as similarities
  • stand up and speak out for what is right

We aim to provide children the opportunity to develop, build and master their knowledge and understanding of their beliefs. They will show knowledge of previous learning and build and develop new skills and knowledge to show progression. We enable children to make links to their own lives and other beliefs by understanding the distinctive nature of religion within human experience.

At Park View Academy, we believe that RE helps pupils to develop a Powerful Knowledge and understanding of the other religions and world views found in the United Kingdom (Global Citizens). Pupils learn from religions and world views about different ways of life in local, national and global contexts. It enables and encourages pupils to appreciate the way in which religious beliefs can shape personal and social life and contribute to personal morality and social responsibility. RE helps children to develop and articulate their personal beliefs, ideas, values and experiences, whilst respecting the right of others to differ.

We study RE as a part of our curriculum. We focus on the features of the religions, their beliefs and practices, as well as the similarities and differences between them. We also look at how people’s beliefs impact the moral decisions they make and circumstances when different religions closely work together. We have a growing number of families with different faiths and religions now attending our school which has presented excellent educational opportunities for our staff and our children.

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